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Daily puzzles

Sample puzzles in various play levels (among easy, medium, hard or expert) are delivered here. To get the latest puzzles, tap on the Refresh beside the revision-timestamp. There are two delivery models: free public puzzles or paid private puzzles.

Manual composition

See App mode: Input.

Pattern-based creation

See App mode: Pattern.

Tab: Archives

The archives keeps puzzles which you recently opened in the Play mode (up to 64 items). You can quickly restore an archived puzzle to the workspace by tapping on the item. To remove an item, use context menu which opens by right-clicking(mouse)/holding(touch) on the item.


The statistics displays total number of puzzles you have manually solved in each level. The app shall not count puzzles solved computationally.

Tab: Settings

*The app only judges correctness of the input based on relation between digits currently exist on the board.