App mode: Pattern

This is an optional feature. Payment is required to use this function.

The app switches to the Pattern mode when you click Edit button at Pattern-based Creation in Sidebar. In the Pattern mode, you can design 9×9 dot pattern* on the board, which is to be converted to deductively solvable puzzle by fully automated process.

*You need to design patterns within some restrictions [1] to make the puzzle deductively solvable (theoretical limit; e.g. a block row/column may not multiple empty rows/columns) and [2] to finish conversion in practical time with hardware resources available on your device (computational limit).

Make button

When you finished designing the pattern, click the Make button. The app attempts to convert the pattern into a puzzle. In general, it takes much time (at least minutes, hours or more) to finish conversion*. If puzzle-making gets completed successfully, the app checks the puzzle as in the Input mode and you can play it as a custom puzzle.

*In case the process doesn't seem to finish in a certain period of time, cancel it once and try putting more markers. Patterns with 30+ well-disparsed markers shall be recommended for pattern input.

Drop-down menu in pattern mode

Quitting pattern mode

You can quit the pattern mode by choosing a puzzle in the Archives in the Sidebar. Then the app goes back to the Play mode.