App mode: Input

The app switches to the Input mode when you click Edit button at Manual Composition in Sidebar. In the Input mode, you can manually compose valid puzzles (solvable puzzles) with assists of the app. You can also input the puzzle that you obtained from other sources [1] for getting computational solution, [2] for making analysis of the puzzle and/or [3] for creating a custom puzzle that you can play in this app.

Validate button

When you finished inputting all predefined clue-digits, click the Validate button. The app inspects the puzzle and displays check-results listed in the next section. If some errors are detected in validation, the app shows you applicable repairs for making the puzzle solvable. If solvability is confirmed, you can test-play the puzzle.

Analysis results

*The app judges uniqueness of the solution only by confirming that the puzzle doesn't have any fundamental patterns which can make it deductively indeterminable. Therefore any possibilities that there exist other solutions (which might be dug out by inductive methods) shall not be excluded. If you require a strict proof, please check it by yourself.

Drop-down menu in input mode

Quitting input mode

You can quit the input mode by choosing a puzzle in the Archives in the Sidebar. Then the app goes back to the Play mode.